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The successful completion of the central Asia gas pipeline project

November 20, the reporter learns from central Asia pipeline company, as C for the central Asian gas pipeline gas, for A period of 45 days A/C for the central Asian gas pipeline railway crossings in tube of the successful completion of the renovation project, A/B/C line began to seamless domestic gas supply in winter.
Uzbekistan's recent plan of the construction of the "[- carney among - meters, Ken" modernization of the railway is the country's railway system is an important project, is also a benefit of more than one state major people's livelihood project. Railway route scheme with A/B/C for the central Asian gas pipeline crossing through in the lake's area, through the pipeline must be conducted at upgrade, enhance security.
The modified natural gas pipelines from central Asia pipeline company (ATG) to organize the implementation of joint venture company, is also a central Asian gas pipeline since 2009 was put into one of the most complex main shutdown reconstruction project, involving technology, construction, commerce, safety, operation, and many other aspects. For the high quality, highly effective complete renovation project, ATG careful deployment, coordination, orderly organization project implementation.
Transformation involved in financing, project design, in the early period of the contract model, and other complex problems, need with the constant communication both shareholders and stakeholders. ATG proposed in accordance with the principle of "compliance propulsion project implementation in accordance with the" negotiations issues list, the implementation of unified thinking, division of labor and before starting the related solving business problems.
To cut off the existing pipeline during construction, it is bound to reduce capacity, a direct impact on the completion of tasks of the annual gas. ATG through multilateral coordination, will be in operation time and gas supply equipment overhaul time synchronization, and upstream and downstream piping run ahead of issues such as coordination, with Ukraine shareholders of vent gas matters clear compensation scheme, effectively reduce the construction efficiency and the influence of pipeline operation to the company.
ATG in advance, the construction team of construction technical plan, HSE risk assessment audit such as comprehensive ability, organization to carry out the engineering solutions, QHSE measures so as to carry out the supervision and supervision responsibilities. In the construction, ATG strictly control each working procedure, the introduction of the third party supervision mechanism, guarantee the engineering quality and safety.
The project construction began on September 5, in A race with time of A month and A half, A line and C for the central Asian gas pipeline railway crossings of two modification construction all completed with good quality. According to the plan, B line through transformation in winter to end.  
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