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Renmin road, suzhou main gas pipeline project was completed successfully

Renmin road medium pressure gas pipeline renovation drink - maqiao people often touch ends smoothly work recently, renmin road marks the main gas pipeline project completion.
As the cold wave hit, gas rise obviously, for the bamboo fai road, city road, be street, street before all the people bring serious test line pipe net. In order to ensure gas flow, gas group in combination with related departments, to promote the overall touch of medium-voltage pipeline renmin road, guarantee gas in winter.
The touch it ranges from customs clearance fang to renmin bridge to the north, involving the touch point has customs clearance fang, former street, be street, city road, bamboo fai road and renmin bridge south bus six points, workload is huge. At the same time, for every point in the traffic main artery, brought a lot of difficulties for touch through work. Therefore, gas group actively coordinate, and discussed in touch and replacement plan, etc. As the drink of ma - people often touch on successful completion of the work, not only for road and rail line 4 reform renmin road pave the way for the construction site, also better to ensure the safety of the gas supply pipe network in winter peak. 
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