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Pipes for Chemical Plants

Country: China

Date: April 2011

Project Name: Sichuan Investment of Chemical Industry West Pipeline Project

Application: Chemical Industry

Specification: DN200

Quantity: 400 Tons


Oil and Gas Transmitting Pipeline

Country: Iran

Date: November 2014

Project Name: Yadavaran Oilfield Development Project

Application: Oil & Gas Industry

Specification: DN450

Quantity: 800 Tons


Pipe Piling in Offshore Engineering

Country: Hong Kong

Date: October - December 2012

Project Name: Pipe Piling In Hong Kong

Application: Offshore Pipeline Construction

Specification: DN600

Quantity: 3580 Tons


Pipeline Carrying Gas

Country: Nigeria

Date: September 2014

Project Name: Nigerian Gas Company

Application: Gas Industry

Specification: DN150

Quantity: 790 Tons


Pipes for Carrying Potable Water

Country: Pakistan

Date: May 2012

Project Name: New Benazir Bhutto Airport Islamabad

Application: Potable Water

Specification: DN300-DN800

Quantity: 1500 Tons


Scaffolding Pipe for Structure

Country: Dubai

Date: June 2014

PO No.: HY-EI1403

Application: Structural Steel Industry

Specification: DN40

Quantity: 600 Tons


Sewage Water Treatment

Country: New Zealand

Date: May - December 2010

PO No.: PJ100-5a

Application: Sewage Water Treatment

Specification: DN500

Quantity: 12050 Tons

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