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一.Definition of line pipe

Line pipe is the line pipe that belongs to the American Petroleum standard pipe, line pipe is out of the ground oil, gas, water, transportation by pipeline to the oil and gas industry enterprises. Line pipe is including seamless pipe and welded steel pipe, the pipe endplain end with threaded ends, and the order of the port side; its connection to the end of the first welding coupling connections, socket connections.

Heat treatment process of high-grade steel Line pipe with the pipeline steel plate and pipe forming and welding technology advances, gradually expanding the scope of application of the pipeline with the pipe, especially the advantages of the group within the distance range of large diameter pipe more out wet plus the cost factor, the pipe has a dominant position in the field of pipeline pipe and limiting the development of stainless steel seamless line pipe.

Line Pipe Material: L245, L360, A53, J55, N80, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70.


二.Definition of ERW steel pipe

1.What is an ERW Pipe?

A pipe formed by Electric Resistance Welding or ERW having one vertical seam without addition of any metal is called ERW pipes or tubes. It can be available in varied diameters and wall thickness. The sizes of pipes ERW pipes can range from 2 3/8 inch to 24 inch outer diameter and length can be over 100feet.

How EWR Pipe is made?

First the iron is flatten then place it into roller to form a tube and passes through a welding electrode made of copper disk which is connected to a revolving transformer. When the electrodes contact each side, the temperature is increased to the welding point. Once the tubes leaves the electrodes, the inside flash is removed by after colling the tube with a hammer and the outer flash by a cutting tool. The surface finish could be either bare or coated.

Qualities of ERW Steel Pipes:

Before reaching the market place, ERW steel tubes and pipes are routed through numerous tests including a hydro-test, an ultrasonic weld inspection, bevel check, micrometer check, straightness evaluation, and ring gouge to ensure its quality. The high performance ERW steel pipes and tubes possess better corrosion resistance, deformable and tougher.

Usage of ERW steel pipes & tubes:

These pipes are used in fencing, line pipes, oil country tubular, scaffolding, water and gas conveyance, structural, engineering purpose. There has been a tremendous increase in the production of ERW steel tubes due to growing demand in oil & gas industry, infrastructure and automobile usages.

Based on the end user customer's requirement, ERW (electric resistance welded) steel pipes and tubes are available in various qualities, wall thicknesses, and diameters of the finished pipes. While manufacturing ERW steel pipes, only high-quality, continuous-cast, fully killed, control-rolled, fine-grain, low-carbon steel is used. High performance ERW steel pipes and tubes possess high strength corrosion resistance, high deformability, high strength and high toughness.

Before reaching the market place, ERW steel tubes and pipes are routed through numerous tests including a hydro-test, an ultrasonic weld inspection, bevel check, micrometer check, straightness evaluation, and ring gouge to ensure its quality. These pipes are used in fencing, line pipes, oil country tubulars, scaffolding, water and gas conveyance, structural, engineering purpose. There has been a tremendous increase in the production of ERW steel tubes due to growing demand in oil & gas industry, infrastructure and automobile usages.

ERW Production Process


.JCOE Production process

Material retesting → vacuum hanging → board probe → flap → planing curl before demi plate (J molding) on the board edge → loose → enter demi steel plate (C molding) demi steel plate → curl → loose out → bend → pre-welded → welding cited the (quenching) arc board → welding → Qing root weld → mechanical repair end to cited hydrostatic test (put out) arc the board → ultrasonic inspection → mechanical expanding → tube ends of ultrasonic testing ring the stratification test to the UT → X-ray inspection → Magnetic particle inspection of the finished product inspection → weighing and measuring the length → outer anticorrosion → internal corrosion → mark → delivery.

The JCOE manufacturing technology is a welded pipe forming process developed in the 1990s, during the molding process, it is the first steel plate edge milling preflex by longitudinal edges (or planing), and then type J → C → O the order of the type of molding, in each step stamping expressed in three-point bending as the basic principle. Pass progressive molding, it is necessary to solve the following problem: how to determine the shape of the mold, the upper die stroke mode spacing, and how many times in order to ensure optimum bending radius stamping out the best opening gross round tube. These problems with the steel plate material, the specific mechanical properties of the steel production plant, pipe size (diameter and thickness), which makes it very complicated. Mainly by "trial and error" that whenever the replacement of new specifications or new steel grades, he took a certain number of sample pressure test, worked out the right amount of stamping. The trial and error method is more reliable, but the efficiency is relatively low. More process parameters, only through trial and error trouble. In order to obtain a mature technology, and even take months of trial and error process. The shape and spacing of the fixed lower mold and the trial and error process is often used only explore the punch stroke, so that the results obtained may not be optimal, not fully the capacity of the unit. So it is necessary to systematically study forming factors create a theory or formula, with the trial-and-error experience to develop the molding process, thereby eliminating the need or less need to experiment to reduce the cost and time of trial, and improve production efficiency.


.Spiral double welding pipe process

Double submerged arc welded spiral steel pipe with its high pressure capacity, small resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy installation and maintenance, etc., is more and more oil and gas, slurry transportation, urban construction and other industries welcome.


五.Spiral double welding pipe process:

I. double submerged arc welding process, the plate deformation uniformly small, residual stress, surface does not produce scratches. Processing of pipe diameter and wall thickness of the pipe sizes range, greater flexibility, especially in the production of high-grade steel thick-walled steel pipe, large diameter thick wall pipe has the incomparable advantage of other technology, to meet the users in pipe size requirements;

Ⅱ. Presoldering outside welding (the fine welding) the process can be implemented in the best position welding, less prone to the wrong side of the welding partial and incomplete penetration defects such as welding quality, easy to control;

Ⅲ. Overall mechanical enlarged diameter, which can effectively improve the dimensional accuracy of a steel pipe, and improve the distribution state of the stresses in the steel pipe, thus avoiding the damage caused due to stress corrosion, is also conducive to the welded construction of the scene;

Ⅳ. 100% quality check on the steel, so that the whole process of pipe production are effective detection, monitored, to ensure the product quality of the SAW pipe;

Ⅴ. Entire production line equipment have networked with a computer data acquisition system to realize the real-time transmission of data, the quality of the technology in the production process parameters and quality indicators adopted by the central control room.


六.Spiral welded steel pipe

Spiral welded steel pipe is made of the low-carbon carbon structural steel or low alloy steel strip according to the angle of the spiral line (called the forming angle) rolled into the tube, pipe and then welded together made, it can narrowstrip the production of large diameter steel pipe.Spiral welded pipe for oil and gas pipelines, its specifications OD * wall thickness. Spiral welded side welding and double-sided welding, the pipe should ensure that the hydrostatic test, the weld tensile strength and cold bending performance to meet the requirements. Spiral welded steel pipe in China is mainly used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction. The transport of liquids: water supply, drainage. Gas transportation: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas. For the structure: for pipe piling for bridges; docks, roads, building structure, pipe, etc.


七.Application skills of waterproof casing in industrial building

As a result of the comprehensive performance of waterproof casing, it is widely used in chemical, construction, water supply and drainage, oil, light and heavy industries, freezing, sanitation, plumbing, fire, electricity and other infrastructure projects. But what are the measures to do with the use of waterproof casing in industrial buildings.

Subjected to damage in some chemical and electrochemical action caused some damage to the phenomenon. According to the pipeline corrosion parts, divided into corrosion of the inner wall and the outer wall, according to the corrosion morphology of the pipeline can be divided into general corrosion and local corrosion. According to the pipeline corrosion mechanism, can be divided into chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Coating is uniform and compact coating has metal pipe rust on the surface, the contact with all kinds of corrosive media, is one of the most basic methods of pipeline corrosion. Since the 70's, in the harsh environment of the polar, ocean and other harsh environments, as well as the installation of the pipeline, and the temperature rise, the temperature rise, the coating properties put forward more requirements. Therefore, the anticorrosion coating of the pipeline is more and more used in the composite material or composite structure.


八.With the characteristics of welded steel pipe

After cold rolled tube has the following series of characteristics:

1, after the cold rolled welded steel pipe with fine grain microstructure, mechanical properties and physical properties of materials are superior;

2, cold rolling mill for a larger correction of original tube wall thickness deviation, precise geometry, the surface roughness is low;

3, pass deformation is large, up to 70, with 4 -85%%;

4,the cold rolling pipe can reduce the amount of intermediate processes, such as heat treatment, pickling, forging, straightening and cutting, metal materials, fuel, electricity and other auxiliary materials and human consumption is reduced;

5, with the cold rolling method can produce thin wall and thin wall, inner and outer surface of the pipe quality no scratches;

6, effectively rolling high alloy, plastic metal pipe poor.

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