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China pipeline bureau deputy director went to Saudi Arabia

Local time, on November 15, pipeline bureau deputy director of the company general manager Xue Feng to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East region, was invited to work with aramco high-rise is ShuDeHua talks, and visit visiting Saudi cooperated-builing employees pull Stan's project.
In Saudi Arabia, ShuDeHua problem is recognized as the subcontractor's a big challenge. On the one hand, the Saudi government ShuDeHua work of foreign companies pay more and more attention to, update labor law, labor department and the visa office to check frequently; On the one hand, aramco to management, engineers ShuDeHua proportion, college students employment, the staff career planning, qualification certification and salary welfare incentive measures are put forward higher requirements, and linked to long-term visa application project ShuDeHua work, ShuDeHua work is not in conformity with the requirements will be disqualified from project bidding.
During the talks, the project researchers report ShuDeHua work situation, one is through the channels for the candidates to attend job fairs and other forms of choose and employ persons, has hired 10 workers, interviewing more than 200 the number of college students; 2 it is to conduct internal training, comprehensive contents include the enterprise culture, oil gas field, pipeline construction, pipeline commissioning, etc., and with several local university qualifications authentication training cooperation agreement; Three is for each employee and tailored to the medium and long term career development planning.
Aramco pipeline and station Tharwat affirmed, general manager of CPP terminal construction efforts, and hope to make more contribution to CPP in ShuDeHua.
Xue Feng said, CPP attaches great importance to ShuDeHua work, has its positioning as the basis of long-term cooperation with aramco. As international big company, CPP will do promise, to carry out the ShuDeHua requirements, further intensify ShuDeHua staff recruitment and training, promote ShuDeHua employees ability to ascend. In addition, CPP will also in the process of project implementation with local maximum capable and qualified company cooperation, promote the local employment rate, and feedback to the Saudi government and may the trust of the company for the CPP, benefit the local people.
Before attending a conference, Xue Feng also see visiting Saudi cooperated-builing pull Stan's project staff, and listen to the report project work. 
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