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Chad connection issue 2.2 oilfield pipeline engineering lighter open welding

Chad connection issue 2.2 oilfield pipeline engineering lighter open welding
On December 1, CPP EPCC general contracting of Chad. 2.2 Daniela - connection Ronier oilfield pipeline engineering lighter open welding. The value of $64 million.
Chad issue 2.2 EPC general contracting project is the key project group company overseas in 2016, construction is of great significance. Connection among them, Chad Daniela - 2.2 Ronier oilfield pipeline engineering, is one of six work package project, located in the central and southern Chad, pipeline from Daniela oilfield, in Ronier oilfield station, at the end of the line the total length 74.3 km, 406.4 mm diameter and design pressure of 6.3 million mpa, the full set valve room 2, station 2. Project requirement on October 1, 2017 completed, then enter 1 months of trial operation stage. Engineering by pipeline company (through) is responsible for wiring, valve chamber and the station main body construction, communications, transport company is responsible for the subsidiary engineering construction and tubing, relocating cargo transport equipment.
Pipeline existing fields area, many times through the underground obstacles and oil field road, construction risk level and the environmental protection requirements are relatively high, operating time is short, poor construction condition, society rely on lag behind. In the face of difficulties, EPCC projects department summarizes previous project management experience, scientific organization, planning in advance, the strict schedule, minimizing costs, after the preparation of past, has completed the route reconnaissance optimization, supplies, equipment, the preparations for construction, the pipe material approach and temporary camp.
Project department will implement the group company "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first, priority to environmental protection and health first" the HSE guideline, play the advantages of EPCC management mode, to ensure "zero accident, zero injury, zero pollution" of the security goals, building a harmonious and the people and the natural environment along the lines, to ensure the high quality, efficient, safe construction task. 
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