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CPP bid a possessive oilfield gathering and transferring expansion project in Iraq

On November 24, CPP received gazprom possessive oilfield gathering and transferring an'd function expansion project, the value of $62 million. This is pipeline bureau this year in the market development in Iraq made another achievement.
This project is on the basis of the original possessive oilfield gathering project increase single well, 10 engineering including gathering line, trunk line, high voltage power distribution lines, cable and all kinds of control, communication, measurement and device prizing equipment, etc. Project owner for gazprom, CPP Iraq and Pakistan Della oilfield gathering projects department in EPC contract the project.
In engineering construction project in the oilfield gathering and transferring Della, CPP project management team with advanced management level and excellent construction quality, good to the implementation of the project, left a deep impression to the owner. In the oilfield gathering and transferring in expansion project bidding, Della CPP with strength and integrity emerge from many international oil companies to bid. But due to reasons such as price, owner send an'd letter of late. According to this situation, actively cope with CPP bid personnel, ready to constantly improve various offer information, and through a variety of ways, many times to owner to clarify the composition, decomposition of cost, cost of the project indicators, etc., to be justified, program specification. After three rounds of difficult business negotiations, and ultimately in Iraq on November 21 local time come to an agreement.  
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